Home Buying Made Simple

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Home Buying
Made Simple

Making it Easy
To Buy Your New Home

Buying your new home can be a daunting task. To address this, we have developed an exclusive, in-depth manual that employs a practical step-by-step approach to educating buyers and is the culmination of years of real estate experience.

Our complete home buyers guide provides our clients with practical knowledge, resources and a systematic approach to navigating the home buying or building process.

Our exclusive manual is 104 pages of comprehensive information, resources, and examples relating to the home buying process, from mortgages, structural information, property searches, purchasing options, special considerations, usable contracts, and forms, to closing preparation.

1) Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Providing a lender or bank with a complete financial history. This will include your current income, assets, and debt. Once this information is evaluated, you will have an estimate of the size of mortgage you would be approved for.

2) Home

Start the hunt for your dream house. Decide what are the main features you want. Research the community and school districts.

3) Make Purchase Offer

Write an offer for a home that you are interested in buying, requires a written offer. Reach out to our team to help you decide a reasonable offer.

4) Negotiation

Using a Buyers Agent is a completely FREE service. We provide great experience and negotiation skills.

Closing The Sale

5) Acceptance of Purchase Offer

You are halfway there! You have come to an agreement with the seller of your new home.

6) Satisfaction of Contingencies

  • Home Inspection
  • Attorney Approval
  • Mortgage Application & Commitment

7) Final Walk Through

  • Make sure you verify the condition of the home is what was agree upon
  • Make sure all repairs if any, have been taken care of
  • Make sure all terms of your contract have met met

8) Closing

  • Bring a Photo I.D.
  • Thorough review of Final Purchase/Sales Contract
  • Allocate plenty of time to sign lots of paperwork
  • Don't worry, we will be right there with you
Our Promise

We have one goal:
to get you the best price and terms for your home as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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